Artist Statement 
Jerry Tong is a media artist based in the United Kingdom currently. Jerry's artistic practice lies between sound, video, text, spatial design and photography. He explores the invisible relationship between space, society and identity, with a strong focus on the fluidity and multiplicity of Hong Kong migrants and water-based identity.
Jerry believes that there is an inseparable bond between places, citizens and the community. His methodology is greatly influenced by Hong Kong video artist Law Yuk Mui. Therefore, he often intervenes in spaces through field research, using video, sound, text and images, as well as historical research on the complexity of identity and community.

2024 PGCE Art and Design, University College London, United Kingdom 
2023 B.A. (Hons) in Visual Arts, Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong
2021 Semester Exchange, Photography, Chung-Ang University, South Korea

2024 Donut and Bagel, WUAREA, Hong Kong 
2024 UCL PGCE A&D Graduation Show, UCL IOE, London, United Kingdom
2023 and still they move, HKBU AVA Graduation Show, Kai Tak Campus, Hong Kong 
2022 self/LOVE, Openground, Sham Shui Po, Hong Kong
2022 Moonlight, Koo Ming Kown Exhibition Gallery, HKBU, Hong Kong
2022 Dialogue: Q&A, Joint Hong Kong & The Catalyst, Wan Chai & Sheung Wan, Hong Kong 
2022 Skipping Boundaries, Wild Art Festival, Hong Kong
2022 Korea Through Our Eyes, Korean Cultural Center, PMQ, Hong Kong 
2021 YOU ARE HERE, CAU Art Center, Seoul, South Korea
2021 Perhaps we will not be here again, CAU Gallery 64, Anseong, South Korea​​ ​​​​